The 5 most popular stories of 2020

Want to broaden your horizons and make 2021 your year? Then start off by making sure you didn't miss out on our most read stories of 2020.

Since we’re nearing year’s end, what better time to do a recap of 2020? While it has been a year quite unlike any other, we’ve still been hard at work to give you some stories about software development in Equinor. Naturally, two of them are related to the pandemic, but the other three are quite different.

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1. Meet our virtual interns

While others shut down their summer internship programmes, we decided to move them all into the virtual world. Here’s the full story on what the interns expectations were before starting, the tasks they faced during the summer and what they thought in the end.

2. Responding to Covid-19

Naturally, the Covid-19 pandemic is on everybody’s mind. In the beginning, we struck up a conversation with our developers to hear about some of the ways Equinor IT responded, from data visualization and apps to 3D-printing protective gear.

3. Building a data-driven future

Take a deep dive into the world of data engineering. Whether you’re curious what it’s about or want to hear more, this is the story for you. Don’t miss out on this if you have an interest in AI or machine learning - data engineers play a crucial role in that work.

4. Why UX matters

UX is all about the user experience: how to create software that makes it easier to bring actual value. A must for anyone working on software development or any other project where you’re creating something people will use. After all, you want your tools to be used right?

5. Diversity and tech are shaping our future

Did you know that diverse companies greatly outperform those who aren’t? If we’re going to reach our net-zero ambitions, diversity, inclusion and tech are what’s going to get us there. Here’s how.