Software development in Equinor

Want to learn more about our software development community? Then you've come to the right place. 

We want to showcase the fact that Equinor is more than just an energy company - we’re also an IT company. And we believe the best way to tell our story is through the voice of our software developers. 

We named it Loop because we aim to work agile and iterative. Together with the business we invent, we create, we change, we renew and most important of all - we improve.

Loop will give you a first-hand look into our world of software and let you find answers to why we do what we do and how we do it. We’ll also let you meet the people doing the work. After all, the best stories are told by the people who experienced them.

The Equinor Developer Conference in 2021 gathered software enthusiasts from all over Equinor
Our merry band of developers gathered for the Equinor Developer Conference in 2021
(Photo: Torstein Lund Eik/Equinor)

Building a software community

Loop is the voice of our entire software community. We aim to create new, innovative software together with the different business areas to bring us further into the digital energy future. While we're located in our Technology, Digital and Innovation (TDI)  business area and nestled within Design, Software and Data Science (DSD), you'll also find people working with software in other areas of Equinor.

Developing software isn’t our only mission - we’re also tasked with building a community for everyone working with software development in Equinor.

Make sure you explore the stories on Loop - it’s quite the window into the world of our teams and the ways they work.

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